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Welcome to Bank End Detailing



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We specialise in Lotus Detailing but are regularly asked to Detail a varied collection of cherished classic and modern vehicles which we are very happy to oblige.


We operate out of a purpose built 2500 sq ft studio with heating and air conditioning fit for purpose. It is complete with drive on car lifts to fully protect your vehicle and make sure we get to every area of the car.


We can also carry out Life shine paint protection Wax oyl under body protection and wheel refurbishment.



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The Detail Studio has 24 hour gated security complete with monitored alarm system CCTV and automated bollards and doors. You can even log into the interior cameras via your phone or lap top to view your car anywhere in the world and anytime of the day/night via a special log we will give you when you leave your car.








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We always prefer to operate out of our own Studio however if you cannot make it to our location we can either pick up in a covered vehicle or if you have the facilities and do not want to move a high value car we can always discuss travelling to you.

We look forward to helping you get your dream.