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detail facility picture 01

We designed our Design studio to allow the highest standards possible and allow perfect working conditions all year round without compromise.


The heating, lighting, drive on lifts, paint depth gauges and light computers are key tools to getting the best possible result however we also listened to customers who wanted to make sure the cherished car was being fully protected and out of sight of any other people at all times.






detail facility picture 02

To gain this trust level it is set up in the middle of 60 acres of farm land with alarmed monitored gated entrances complete with automated doors and bollards full ip CCTV cameras monitored 24/7 complete the system which you can access and view your car anytime it is with us.


We can also arrange to transport your car via a fully enclosed trailer to avoid damage or prying eyes during the journey.






facilities 03a

We have a waiting lounge for anyone who arrives early or simply just wants to stay and get engrossed in classic magazines about Lotus MG or just in general.
We also have a racing frame with a PS2 set of games for you to test your driving skills without insurance worries or you could just compete with yourself on the scalextric track.


A helipad will be available shortly as will a concierge service to local airports and train stations.