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Detailing By True Enthusiasts


lotus detailing picture 1

The detailing is done by the old man of the team and is carried out in a surgical system to bring your car or cars to show car levels of perfection for your favourite passion which is Lotus.


We will work on any Lotus from 7 to the new Evora and everything in between as we believe we understand every nook and cranny of each vehicle to restore it and often to better than new standards.


Exotic Cars always demand unique processes but Lotus even before the Detail begins needs to be treated in a certain way so not to damage the car. Being race bred with the fanatical attention to detail with regards to weight Lotus has blessed the modern cars with lots of lightweight aluminium which can be easily damaged. The wheels as an example cannot be cleaned with acid based wheel cleaners so they need patience to get clean with safe non acid based products.


The floors under carpets need attention on early cars many points like this requires specialist care and attention.


The body is lightweight and curvaceous but can easily be damaged by leaning on a panel as can getting into the car in the wrong way so operators have to take special care of these vehicles. Knowledge and passion and skill are all required to be the best.


Lotus has fitted star shield paint protection however we have seen versions of this that have gone yellow with scuff marks due to leaving wax and dirt underneath at time of application a process we can remove and replace with fantastic results.


In short if you want your Lotus better looked after than even you do at times please give us a call.


lotus detailing picture 2

lotus detailing picture 3