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Storage (Coming Soon)



We have a building under construction for storage of up to 25 Cars complete with either bespoke covers or “Airflow” chambers.


This is fully secured out of sight and will have the same high level of security as the sales and detailing business.


It has been designed to have the look of a large horse stables to make sure it blends with the countryside and avoids people being curious however inside it has been equipped to high standards of storage conditions with climate controlled airflow.


We are central for Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle airports.


Whilst your car is with us we can carry out any level of maintenance or detailing required and at the end of the storage period your cherished Lotus, Prestige or Classic will be returned to you in pristine condition.


If cars are your business or passion we have the same total passion and will look after them and cherish them as our own.


Services and Tariff:


Short Term

Vehicle Storage

Dehumidified Premises





Secure cctv/alarm monitored de-humidified storage
Vehicle fully and comprehensively insured wax washed leather dried
At beginning and end of storage period
£28.00 Per week first 4 weeks
£25.00 Per week second 4 weeks
£21.00 Per week thereafter


Maintenance Package 1







Full de humidified service as above plus 30 day
Engine run to operating temperature brake and clutch
Depressed gears engaged all electric motors run and
Switches checked battery check and charged fluid
Levels check tyres rotated and overall inspection
Additional £5.00 per week


Maintenance package 2





Full de humidified level 1 service

Plus 60 day road test (on private track will not leave Bank End Lotus boundary)

to engage all gears utilise suspension
Braking and steering systems e mailed report sent as required.



In addition to the above a personal “AIRFLOW” bag can be supplied and a log on to the interior ip CCTV system so you can see your car anytime you want to.


The full Detailing Life shine and Waxoyl systems are available as requested.


The covered collection of your car for both delivery and return to storage available at £1.00 per mile.


Concierge service is available to return customers to airports and train station upon request.



Finally a heliport will be available on site by the end of the summer 2012.